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Mailing to corporate domains

One of the struggles of delivery consulting is doing ISP relations and problem resolution for clients attempting to mail to corporate domains. The rules for getting mail into ISPs are generally pretty clear, and if they’re not I can typically find someone there who will give me the time of day. At corporate domains, though, […]

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Think about that subject line

Ken Magill talks about a study done by People magazine on the importance of subject lines and from lines in getting recipients to open and act on an email. MailChimp has specific open information about mail sent through their application. They describe the collection of the information used in this blog post. Recipients really do […]

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More on Truthout

Ken Magill comments on the reaction of to being blocked by AOL and Hotmail. I do agree with Al, if both AOL and Hotmail are blocking your email, then you’re doing something wrong.


Permission, Part 2

Permission Part 1 I talked about the definition of permission as I use it. Before we can talk about how to get permission we need to clarify the type of email that we’re talking about in this post. Specifically, I’m talking about marketing and newsletter email, not transactional email or other kinds of email a […]

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IP Reputation Portability

Matt posted a discussion of the portability of IP reputation over at his EmailKarma blog. I have heard about Hotmail/MSN’s claim that if you add your new IPs to your SPF/SenderID record and send from your old IPs that your old IP reputation will transfer to your new IPs. I’ve not heard it working in […]


419 … over live chat?

MailChimp’s customer service people were contacted by what appears to be a King selling monkeys. I want to get permission part II up today, but this was just so funny I had to share.

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It really can be your email

Yesterday I wrote about activist groups getting blocked at major ISPs and how the ISPs don’t block mail because they don’t like the political viewpoints in email. This morning Mark Brownlow has a post up about delivery in general and the cause of many delivery problems. Human nature is to search for a scapegoat when […]

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They’re not blocking you because they hate you.

Really. They’re blocking you because you’re doing something that is triggering their blocking mechanisms. This has happened over and over and over again. Some political or activist website sends out an email that gets blocked by some large ISP and the political site turns it into a giant crisis that means the ISP hates them […]



Goodmail made a splash on the email marketing and ISP industries a few years ago by announcing their CertifiedEmail program. They guaranteed that using their certification would result in email going directly to the inbox, and all images in the email would be displayed by default. Senders using Goodmail would pay money, per message, and […]

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Spam Documentary on TV

A few months back John Levine participated in a Canadian TV Show called Spam, The documentary. This will be shown on Court TV on Sept 18th at 11pm or the 19th at 3am. John says It came out quite well; they start by interviewing Terry Jones about the original Monty Python spam skit, then you […]

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