Yahoo blocks unauthenticated PayPal and eBay Mail


Yahoo announced this morning that over the course of the next few weeks Yahoo would roll out a new feature to their email that blocks any unauthenticated email from eBay and PayPal.
In a blog post Nikki Dugan says:

Our weapon is a technology Yahoo! spearheaded called DomainKeys, which uses cryptography to verify the domain of the sender. In overly simplified terms, if the email’s originating domain ain’t really or, it ain’t going through.

DomainKeys / Domain Keys Internet Mail have seen steady adoption by senders and receivers over the last few years. As more and more companies are signing outgoing mail, more and more receivers can make delivery decisions based on those signatures. This is the first time a sender and a receiver have announced an agreement that all non-signed email will be rejected.
Hat tip: Matt

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