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Why does everyone tell you to avoid .biz in your emails?

… or Why do spam filters sometimes have some very strange ideas? It’s been dogma for a long time that if you’re doing email marketing you should avoid using a .biz domain in your mails. Even if your main website was in .biz, you should use something different in your messages, perhaps a website you buy solely for use in email that redirects to your real .biz website. Last year I...

Useful websites

I’ve been working on a document discussing laws relevant to email delivery and have found some useful websites about laws in different countries. US Laws from the FTC website. European Union Laws from the European Law site. Two documents on United Kingdom Law from the Information Commissioner’s Office and the Data Protection Laws Canadian Laws from the Industry Canada website...

News and articles

Things have been insanely busy the last few days so blogging has been light. I do have links to a few news articles though. ClickZ has a report on the benefits they saw when switching to a professional email service provider. ReturnPath talks about changes to the email landscape as we enter the holiday shopping season. Terry Zink talks about how he measures the effectiveness of filters. A...

When to send mail

I had a call with a potential client recently asking me what was the best day to send mail. It’s a question that I did not have a good answer to. Email Insider does have an answer to that question: there is no one day to mail to get the best response. Even if there were one universal best day to send email, it wouldn’t make sense to send your email the same day as everyone else. In the...


I added a few blogs to my blogroll today. Terry Zink works at Microsoft handling spam blocking issues for one of their platforms. His posts offer insight into how recipient administrators view spam filtering. He has a long, information dense series of posts on email authentication. E-mail, tech policy, and more is written by John Levine, a general expert on almost everything internet, especially...

Spamfilters are stupid

Ben over at MailChimp writes about spamfilters that are following links in emails resulting in people being unsubscribed from lists without their knowledge. I strongly suggest clients use a 2 step unsubscribe system, that does not require any passwords or information. The recipient clicks on a link in the email and confirms that they do want to be unsubscribed once they get to the unsubscribe...

Greylisting: that which Yahoo does not do

Over the last couple days multiple people have asserted to me that Yahoo is greylisting mail. The fact that Yahoo itself asserts it is not using greylisting as a technique to control mail seems to have no effect on the number of people who believe that Yahoo is greylisting. Deeply held beliefs by many senders aside, Yahoo is not greylisting. Yahoo is using temporary failures (4xx) as a way to...

40 email companies

Ken Magill has a post up mentioning the top 40 companies in email marketing. Some highlights: Goodmail: This firm has been under fire and in the news so often that it has helped me make more deadlines than any other company on this list. SubscriberMail: They’re in Chicago. ExactTarget: They’re in Indianapolis. Editor’s note: If your company did not appear on The Magilla Marketing List of Top 40...

ISP Postmaster sites

A number of ISPs have email information and postmaster sites available. I found myself compiling a list of them for a client today and thought that I would put up a list here.


How to improve AOL delivery

DMNews interviewed Charles before he left AOL about the state of spam and the challenges for ISPs and how that affects senders. The article was published this week. In it he talks about The botnet problem and what AOL is doing to combat it How AOL monitors its users What kinds of things AOL measures for mail, including email sources and volume How AOL leaves some filtering to users through the...

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