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Ken Magill has a post up mentioning the top 40 companies in email marketing. Some highlights:

  1. Goodmail: This firm has been under fire and in the news so often that it has helped me make more deadlines than any other company on this list.
  2. SubscriberMail: They’re in Chicago.
  3. ExactTarget: They’re in Indianapolis.

Editor’s note: If your company did not appear on The Magilla Marketing List of Top 40 Fastest-Growing (and some not-so-fast-growing) E-mail Marketing Related Companies that Came to Mind Randomly while Swilling Vodka Martinis list and you think it should have, e-mail us. We’ll do another list. Heck, we’ll do ‘em all year! But you have to put out a release. Hmmm … I smell a business model.

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