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Roadrunner turns images off by default

Earlier this week DirectMag published an article talking about RoadRunner blocking images by default. I did talk to someone over at RoadRunner and found out a few more details about this change. What is happening is that RR is rolling out a new web interface. This interface has both a bulk/spam filter and has images […]

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Yahoo delays, part 3: Yahoo speaks

Yahoo is aware of the recent problems and have been working feverishly to fix them. A Yahoo employee posted to a mailing list earlier today, explaining some of the recent issues. The summary is: 1) The Yahoo delays are a result of a tighter spam filtering policy. The delays are the result of the system […]


Yahoo delays, part 2

A number of people have posted to various mailing lists and made blog posts pointing to the Yahoo Mail blog post discussing recent problems Yahoo was having with mail. The general feeling seemed to be “AHA! That’s what is wrong!” Unlike many of my peers, I do not think this explains the delivery problems senders […]


Yahoo delays

You may have noticed increase in delays and rejections from Yahoo. I am certainly seeing a lot of customers complaining and hearing a lot of other delivery people commenting on problems getting mail into Yahoo. I have even heard from multiple ISPs that are struggling with full queues and delayed email. No solutions or suggestions […]


Ironport response

Last week I posted about a ESP that had a misconfiguration in their Ironport A60s that let spammers use the A60s to relay email to AOL. Earlier this week, Pat Peterson from Ironport approached me to talk about the problem and clarify what happened. Ironport has provided me with the following explanation. As part of […]

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How to be a spammer

JD had a comment on my Valentines day semi-fluff post, that really summed up the reality for senders. He said Make sure your mail doesn’t look anything like spam — not just in the text and formatting, but in all of your mailing practices. Good advice, your mail will not be blocked if it does […]

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Valentine’s day semi-fluff

There comes an inevitable point in some of my longer term consulting gigs where my client asks me some version of the following question: I still get spam in my inbox, so why is the email I send blocked? So what is your best answer?


Articles I read today

It has been a rather busy day today, I do not have a full blog post. I did see a couple posts come across my RSS feeds. Both of them have content I want to talk about and discuss in a little more detail, as I think they touched on some very interesting issues. Network […]

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ESP unwittingly used to send spam

Late last week I heard from someone at AOL they were seeing strange traffic from a major ESP, that looked like the ESP was an open relay. This morning I received an email from AOL detailing what happened as relayed by the ESP. IronPort Open Relay Vulnerability Systems Affected IronPort A60 running software version 2.5.4-005. […]


Email authentication

The great folks over at MailChimp have compiled a list of which authentication methods (DK, DKIM, SPF and SenderID) are in use at which ISPs. Good stuff and very clear showing who is using what authentication.

  • Lost in the mists of time

    Over on the Farsight Security blog Joe St. Sauver talks about some of the early days of online abuse, on usenet. Laura and I were on the periphery of early usenet abuse, mostly as users, but Usenet (and IRC) around then were the places we both started with email abuse.No Comments

  • Ongoing Yahoo delays

    I've been hearing from folks over the last few days that they're seeing an uptick in deferrals from Yahoo! The deferrals are not uniform. ESPs report they're seeing some, but not all, customers affected. Other ESPs aren't seeing any changes. It's not just you. But it would be very worthwhile to dig into engagement and other stats. It's possible this is a new normal at Yahoo! and they're tightening filters to catch mail that doesn't fit their standards but was previously difficult to filter.No Comments

  • AOL starts using Sender Score Certification

    Good news for Sender Score Certified IPs. Return Path recently announced that AOL has joined the list of ISPs offering preferential treatment to certified IPs.  1 Comment