Yahoo delays, part 3: Yahoo speaks


Yahoo is aware of the recent problems and have been working feverishly to fix them. A Yahoo employee posted to a mailing list earlier today, explaining some of the recent issues. The summary is:
1) The Yahoo delays are a result of a tighter spam filtering policy. The delays are the result of the system erroneously recognizing email as spam and deferring delivery. They do believe that retrying long enough will result in all mail being delivered to Yahoo recipients.
2) They have been continually making fixes to the system over the last few days and senders should see queues start to empty over the next few hours.
3) They believe the adjustments made will resolve the deferral problems. If you continue to see problems, you can contact them through the form at
4) They are working to provide more self-serve information at as well as timely service updates.
Loose ends from my previous Yahoo posts:

  1. The rumors of an attack were just that, rumors.
  2. The Yahoo blog post about outbound servers is unrelated to the problems seen by senders recently. Outbound SMTP servers are not the same as the MX machines.

Good news all around. Thanks to the people at Yahoo for working so diligently to fix the problems.

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  • This is great, i think they are on the right track.. too bad the frequency knob was all the way to the right 🙂

  • I noticed a sudden increase in filtering lately with the following message:
    421 4.7.0 [TS01] Messages from x.x.x.x temporarily deferred due to user complaints
    Is this due to the problems Yahoo has, or has Yahoo started filtering more aggressively since February?

  • ” A Yahoo employee posted to a mailing list earlier today…”
    What list did they mention this on? Sounds like a useful one to be a member of.

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