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You may have noticed increase in delays and rejections from Yahoo. I am certainly seeing a lot of customers complaining and hearing a lot of other delivery people commenting on problems getting mail into Yahoo. I have even heard from multiple ISPs that are struggling with full queues and delayed email.
No solutions or suggestions right now, just that everyone is having problems right now. I expect it will take some time for the backlogs to dissipate, even after the underlying problem is fixed. If I hear anything more I will post it here.

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  • Personally, I think one of their mail servers is down and the others are having trouble keeping up with the extra traffic.
    I did a quick check using one of the excellent tools from and found that it couldn’t connect to one of the servers
    “ – [Could not connect: Could not receive data: Operation timed out.]”
    I’m going to have to check my server logs now to see if I see the same thing.
    – Jonathan

  • I have several mail servers with huge amounts of mail queued for yahoo, yet when I sent myself a test message to my yahoo address, it was received within seconds.
    Any updates Laura on what’s going on??

  • Looks to me that they have just clamped down a bit on their throttling – increase retry time frame – no real way around a deferral there.. Make sure best practices are being followed 🙂

  • I have sent my self a test and still have not receved it this needs to be fixed i have been with yahoo for many years and i ejoy it but i would hate to half to go with someone els so it would be nice to see somthing done soon as posible thank nicole

  • I went with yahoo becouse my douter told me that it was a good web page for emails and with the trouble i am having i just might go with Gmail i would hate to do that becouse that means i would halft to tell evry one my new address and that is an incovions so hope the problom is fixed asap

  • I find it curious that Yahoo! has closed their blog, which make me believe this is a serious problem for them.

  • I’m JUST now getting responses to e-mail messages that I sent back the FIRST week of August. Does anyone know how long this has been a problem? It’s funny because I would send e-mail to folks and thought it was odd that I didn’t get a reply. This is distressing because I use Yahoo for personal business as well as just a tool to keep in touch with friends. Hate to change!

  • everytime i log on to yahoo and go to pool or any other site i get amessAGE saying send error msg and after clicking on it i get booted back to my main screen whats up

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