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Ken Magill has a great article up today about how many marketers expect their ESPs to fix their delivery problems when in reality the marketers policies and practices are the real problem.

If enough recipients think a marketer’s e-mail program is garbage, no e-mail service provider in the world will be able to prevent spam complaints, and the resulting delivery troubles. Likewise, if a marketer refuses to clean dead addresses off their list because one of those addresses just might, maybe, someday make a purchase, there isn’t a single ESP out there who will be able to stop Yahoo, AOL, and Microsoft from diverting the marketer’s messages into recipients’ spam folders or blocking them altogether.
A marketer can’t ride an ESP’s e-mail reputation, folks.

Go read the whole thing. Learn it. Live it.

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  1. Herb Oxley says

    Email service providers need to start playing hardball (to put it in polite, professional terms) with advertisers who want to pull “fast ones ” with dirty lists which cause the ESP to wind up in ISP spam and reject lists.
    That is, running a dirty list should result in immediate termination of services followed by serious monetary penalties.
    ESPs charging security deposits to me would be reasonable.


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