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AOL publishes sender recommendations

In a blog post on April 28, AOL pointed to their new Sender Best Practices document. These are not things a sender must do in order to get mail delivered to AOL, but rather things that will help improve your reputation at AOL. The recommendations are what I have been recommending for a while and […]

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Spammers in the news

Eddie Davidson was sentenced yesterday to 21 months in jail for falsifying headers and tax evasion. Sanford Wallace (the spammer that prompted me to start figuring out how to read headers) lost his suit with MySpace for failure to comply with court orders and failing to turn over documents. Scott and Steve Richter are in […]

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Troubleshooting a Postini block

Mail from one of my clients is being filtered at Postini and they asked me to look into this. Not that there is anything that can be done, of course. Even before they were bought out by Google, they were the poster child for a spam filtering company that believed they could do no wrong. […]


Legal filings this week

It has been one of those weeks here and there have been a couple legal things that have come up that I have not had the time to blog about. One is a post over on Eric Goldman’s blog by Ethan Ackerman discussing the Jeremy Jaynes case. It is quite an info heavy post, but […]

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Categories of email

The question came up on a mailing list about how senders classify email. Steve came up with the following list of email types from the recipient (not sender) perspective Transactional & Alerts Marketing Duplicates Duplicates Apologies for the preceding duplicate Just sending mail so you don’t forget us Opt-in confirmations Welcome messages COI challenges Opt-out […]


Forgery and spamware

Recently there has been a massive uptick in forgeries. I have been seeing hundreds of bounce back messages, peaking at more than 1000 in an hour. I have been talking about this with people who monitor large spamtrap feeds, large MTAs and spamfilters and it seems this is not an isolated experience. The consensus seems […]

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Finding your relevancy

Ken Magill reported today that Responsys has unveiled a tool to measure the relevancy of email marketing programs. This tool is intended to help marketers implement the advice “be more relevant.”

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That’s spammer speak

I’ve been hearing stories from other deliverability consultants and some ISP reps about what people are telling them. Some of them are jaw dropping examples of senders who are indistinguishable from spammers. Some of them are just examples of sender ignorance. “We’re blocked at ISP-A, so we’re just going to stop mailing all our recipients […]

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Comcast FBL open to the public

The Comcast FBL has been moved out of beta testing an into production. ISPs and senders can sign up for the FBL at All of the applications are currently reviewed by hand, so there may be some delay as they deal with the launch rush. Please be patient. If you currently have a FBL […]


Email related blog communities

I have recently become aware of 2 new blog communities based around email marketing. One is a feedburner community Email Marketing Expert The other is Box of Meat Enjoy.

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  • Lost in the mists of time

    Over on the Farsight Security blog Joe St. Sauver talks about some of the early days of online abuse, on usenet. Laura and I were on the periphery of early usenet abuse, mostly as users, but Usenet (and IRC) around then were the places we both started with email abuse.No Comments

  • Ongoing Yahoo delays

    I've been hearing from folks over the last few days that they're seeing an uptick in deferrals from Yahoo! The deferrals are not uniform. ESPs report they're seeing some, but not all, customers affected. Other ESPs aren't seeing any changes. It's not just you. But it would be very worthwhile to dig into engagement and other stats. It's possible this is a new normal at Yahoo! and they're tightening filters to catch mail that doesn't fit their standards but was previously difficult to filter.No Comments

  • AOL starts using Sender Score Certification

    Good news for Sender Score Certified IPs. Return Path recently announced that AOL has joined the list of ISPs offering preferential treatment to certified IPs.  1 Comment