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Signup forms and bad data

One thing I frequently mention, both here on the blog and with my clients, is the importance of setting recipient expectations during the signup process. Mark Brownlow posted yesterday about signup forms, and linked to a number of resources and blog posts discussing how to create user friendly and usable signup forms. As a consumer, […]

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Social network sends spam

Yesterday we talked about social networks that harvest the address books of registered  users and send mail to all those addresses on behalf of their registered user. In the specific case, the registered user did not know that the network was going to send that mail and subsequently apologized to everyone. That is not the […]

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Address harvesting through social networks

The next killer ap on the Internet seems to be social networking. Everyone has a great idea for the next facebook or or myspace. All of these sites, though, have to find users. The site will fail if there are no users. One way to get new users is to ask all your current users […]


Judge rules in e360 v. Comcast

Yesterday Judge Zagel ruled on Comcast’s motion for judgment on the pleadings. I think the tone of the ruling was clear in the first 3 sentences. Plaintiff e360Insight, LLC is a marketer. It refers to itself as an Internet marketing company. Some, perhaps even a majority of people in this country, would call it a […]


Dealing with ISPs when you are blocked

Here is some advice on dealing with ISPs over a blocking issue. Do know what IP is blocked if it is an IP based block. Do know what domain is blocked if it is domain based block. Do know what the rejection message is and have it handy. Do be polite.  Most of the ISPs […]


Email related laws

I’ve been working on a document discussing laws relevant to email delivery and have found some useful websites about laws in different countries. US Laws from the FTC website. European Union Laws from the European Law site. Two documents on United Kingdom Law from the Information Commissioner’s Office and the Data Protection Laws. Canadian Laws […]

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Blog roundup

Denise Cox has a list of 10 things your signup page should have over on her blog. The AOL postmaster blog has its first post up talking about bounces. BeRelevant has a great blog with lots of suggestions email best practices. Mark Brownlow had a great post this weekon moving the unsubscribe button to the […]

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AOL Postmaster blog

AOL announced today they are launching a postmaster blog I’ll be updating the blogroll, too. I’ve been checking out some new delivery / marketing blogs the last few weeks.

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Report subscriber and changes to whitelisting at some ISPs

If you’re reading this through the archives please check the date before commenting on this post. Mark Brownlow has a post on a new technology for senders. I think this will help ensure senders have a say in the general delivery of mail for receivers. Through the grapevine, I have also heard there’s a new […]