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Eddie Davidson was sentenced yesterday to 21 months in jail for falsifying headers and tax evasion.
Sanford Wallace (the spammer that prompted me to start figuring out how to read headers) lost his suit with MySpace for failure to comply with court orders and failing to turn over documents.
Scott and Steve Richter are in the Washington Post today in an article discussing hijacked IP space. Reading the Post article, though, it appears that Scott legitimately bought a business with a /16 and there is no hijacking going on. Spammers have hijacked IP space illegitimately in the past, but this does not seem to be the case.

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  • How times change… 12 years ago, Sanford had no problem showing up to court. With a lawyer. Several, in fact. Expensive ones. Including one who specialized in nothing but the Rules of Evidence (and, therefore, in shouting “objection!” whenever possible). In his presumably-spam-financed Infiniti J30. And a flashy suit.
    My, my.

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