Angry Pills Spammer

It looks like Postmaster Direct angered some pills spammer. This morning I received spam redirecting to a Canadian Healthcare pharmacy site (selling me Viagra at 73% off!) containing the footer from a Postmaster Direct email. 
The term “Joe Job” is used when a spammer deliberately uses spam to cause harm to a specific person or company. In this case, it may or may not be a Joe Job against Postmaster Direct. There have been cases of spammers stealing text and graphics from legitimate ESPs and using that text in an email. Whether that is to make the ESP look bad or the sender look more legitimate is not clear. 
Given ReturnPath’s position in the industry, though, it’s certainly possible this is an aggrieved spammer looking to inflict a little pain on one of the most trusted email certifiers. 


  1. J.D. says

    RP staff are watching & responding, and we’ll probably post an article on detailing what happened (and what we did about it) once it subsides.

  2. laura says

    I’ll be sure to link to the post. Thanks!

  3. Al says

    Very interesting. Wear it with a badge of pride, JD! If RP pissed off the bad guys, y’all are doing something right.

  4. J.D. says

    And, it’s up!
    I tend not to assume that the bad guys even notice whose domain they forge — especially in this case, with postmasterdirect being an entirely distinct line of business from senderscore.
    Sending the culprits to jail would be a badge of honor. Getting forged…eh, I can live without it.


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