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Customer support surveys

I have seen a lot of companies attempt to send out customer support surveys by email, only to fail dismally. Generally, the intentions of the companies who do this are good, but the executions are appalling. Companies have found any number of ways to invite epic fail to call, including mailing to non-customers, mailing to […]

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AOL converting all FBLs to ARF

AOL announced today that they are phasing out non-ARF feedback loops. As of September 2, 2008, no new non-ARF feedback loops will be created and all existing non-ARF feedback loops will be converted to ARF. What is ARF? ARF stands for Abuse Reporting Format. It is a standardized format intended to make processing of automated […]

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Smart email marketing

Mark Brownlow has an ongoing series of posts looking at the strategies and tactics that distinguish a smart email marketer from a bulk email marketer that is well worth reading. 1/29 – comments closed due to excessive spam on this post

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How not to handle unsubscribes

On the heels of my unsubscribe experience last week where an ESP overreacted and unsubscribed addresses that did not belong to me, I encountered another deeply broken unsubscribe process. This one is the opposite, there is no way to unsubscribe from marketing mail at all. Representatives of PayPal have only been able to suggest that […]


Excite outsourcing email

Excite announced this morning that they are outsourcing all their incoming email functions to BlueTie. This means that the Excite FBL and whitelist are being discontinued with no plans for replacement.  Over at, Dennis is accepting feedback from senders to forward on to Excite. Edit: I am going to close comments on this post. This […]


Information you should know

MailChimp is using microformats technology to allow recipients to add senders to their address book from the subscription page. All senders should tell recipients what address mail is coming from at the point of subscription and encourage recipients to add the senders to their address books. This new technology simplifies that for the recipient. Denise […]

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Conference suggestion

Seth has a great suggestion on how to make your conference staff famous and thank them for their hard work. 

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Over on Krzysztof posts about discussions going on over on the URIBL list about using “confirmed opt-in” to describe a subscription process versus using “double opt-in” to describe the same subscription process. I do not even need to read the list to know what is being said. This is a disagreement that has been […]

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Open rate

Mark Brownlow over at Email Marketing Reports has been talking about open rates for a while. His point, one I fully agree with, is that open rate is not what you think it is. At best it is a measure of who is rendering your email. Today he links to a post from ReturnOnSubscriber. In […]


New Yahoo Domains

Yahoo announced two new email domains today. 

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