In the span of 48 hours the following two things happened.
Josh Baer posts over on about GoDaddy’s policies and recommends no email marketer use GoDaddy as a registrar because they are so hostile to email marketing that they charge customers for complaints. To quote Josh:

Apparently GoDaddy is now charging for handling spam complaints and has a $200 “spam tax” for clients that do email marketing. If they receive spam complaints against you, they are claiming that they will hold your domain ransom unless you pay $75 to release it.
Basically, GoDaddy is saying that if you do email marketing or have affiliates that send emails linking to your site, they don’t want your business.

I received mail from one of the volunteers working for a public, IP listing service about a client of mine using GoDaddy as a registrar.

[…]domains are registered through Godaddy, not really a reassuring sign.

In the course of that 48 hours I was directly told that GoDaddy is a registrar used by spammers while simultaneously someone else was claiming GoDaddy is hostile to any mailers. One of these things is not like the other things. One of these things just doesn’t belong.
This is just one example of groups with different agendas having contradictory opinions. The challenge is sorting out which group is the more representative view of a sender’s target market and how much influence they hold over people handling the mail servers of that target market.


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