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Excite announced this morning that they are outsourcing all their incoming email functions to BlueTie. This means that the Excite FBL and whitelist are being discontinued with no plans for replacement. 
Over at Deliverabity.com, Dennis is accepting feedback from senders to forward on to Excite.
Edit: I am going to close comments on this post. This is not the place for Excite endusers to comment on the new changes in the interface. 

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  • Pls send this to Dennis:
    Hello. I use excite email. On Friday the inbox changed. I dont like it at all. It looks like Microsoft Outlook which I dont like either. Multiple messages can no longer be sorted, moved or deleted by the boxes on the left are gone. Instead each individual message must be right clicked. I have no mouse so this is very very tedious!
    Any chance to end this?

  • What a mess! I can’t get the application to load, so fortunatly I can’t see the problems. Deleting one message at a time soulds like a real mess, also.

  • This totally sucks! it’s dark, clunky, and painfully slow. Who came up with this? A second grader could have done a better job. Didn’t anyone beta test this app? I use my Excite e-mail for all my mail and I’m going to leave if this isn’t remedied. Not only will I go but all the clicks that excite gets paid by the advertisers will go as well.

  • this new site STINKS.
    It is non functional.
    If it is not fixed .I will not use Excite E-mail or any Excite Feature —
    including advertisements

  • Excite users, not sure what you expect Word to the Wise to do about your email, they were just reporting about what is happening in the world of email.

  • I totally agree with all of the previous user comments. I have not been able to access my excite email account in a couple of days. Everytime I would attempt to check my email the “loading application” would stop and my computer froze up. I had a friend(also an excite user) wondering why he hadn’t received any email from me in a few days, when I had sent him at least 2 from my other account (not excite). I also have no need for the calendar and meeting note page that seems to pop up first before I can even go to my email.

  • Like on Windows environment the only way to select multiple emails is by clicking them individually and hitting the Crtl Key one by one. The new appareance is very heavy and slow remainds me the times when everybody had dial-up and you could go for a snack while the iexplorer opened up the page.
    The outsorcing shame on excite, another unconsulted major change shame on us by keeping excite email accounts

  • I’ve used Excite email since before the dot-com crash days and it has always be adequate. This new email is 3 steps backward. It is abismal! I sent them 4 emails of what I like to see improved, but this “new” email system is totally beyond “sad”. Less than poor describes both the layout and functionality of this “new” email system. Drop the Excite staff a note and ask if they could revert to the “old” email system. I think anything else would be better than this “Blue-Tie” garbage. I don’t like “the King’s new clothes”.

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