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Unsubscribe policies

Our local brewpub has an email list. For various reasons I have multiple addresses on the list and finally decided that getting 4 copies of each mailing was silly. About a week ago, I sent in unsubscribe requests for 3 of the addresses. Today I get another 4 copies of their mailing. That’s not good. […]


Download Day

Today Firefox3 is released. The Mozilla Foundation is trying to set a record for number of downloads in a single day. Go download it!

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In the span of 48 hours the following two things happened. Josh Baer posts over on about GoDaddy’s policies and recommends no email marketer use GoDaddy as a registrar because they are so hostile to email marketing that they charge customers for complaints. To quote Josh: Apparently GoDaddy is now charging for handling spam […]

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Authenticating email in a court of law

Venkat has a discussion of authentication needed to present emails to a judge when asking for a summary judgment.


Email to mobile devices

There have been numerous blog posts about email to mobile devices, and making sure that your email displays well on the tiny screens with often lobotomized software. What few people have mentioned is the CAN SPAM laws related to sending mail to mobile devices. While the FTC handles the bulk of the regulation related to […]



Derek has a really good article on whitelisting and what it means over at ClickZ.

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Postini makes a statement

I was looking for some info on Postini for a client recently and discovered a statement on their website telling senders not to bother them. Postini will not make changes to its customers’ settings on behalf of a sender. If you are sending emails to a Postini customer and you believe that the Postini system […]


Delivery percentages

Some of my customers use one of the mailbox monitoring services out there. One of them consistently has 97% or better inbox delivery. On those few occasions when their delivery drops to 90%, they contact me to find out what the problem is. This happened recently and I spent some time digging through their delivery […]

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Email Aptitude Test

MailChimp has an email aptitude test. How did you fare?

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Images in email

There have been a number of blog posts recently discussing designing emails that look good and inspire clicks even when images are suppressed. Much of this is related to the EEC whitepaper showing that the majority of email users suppress images in emails and the 2008 email design guidelines published by Campaign Monitor. I happen […]

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