Blog Olympics – Passing on the stick

Given that it is August and a lot of people are on vacation and it seems to be a general low point in getting things done at work, I expect blogging to be light through the end of the month. Once everyone gets back in September, I will have a more substantive posts up more regularly. Happily, EmailKarma helped me with a somewhat fluffy post today. He tagged me into the Blog Olympics meme. The rules say I am supposed to pick 7 blogs I read and tag them forward. The rules also state that I have to link back to the blog that passed on the stick to me but I cannot add it to the list of my favorite 7 blogs.
I limited my picks to email related blogs. Now, in no particular order (vaguely the order they show up in my RSS feed, but nothing actually that specific):

Enjoy! No tags back!

ā€¢ ā€¢


  1. Matt says

    Fluff? I was dying to know your fav blogs šŸ˜‰
    Good list BTW

  2. laura says

    That’s just my email blogs. I figured the random critter blogs weren’t interesting.
    Well, there’s always


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