Delivery Haikus

As we mentioned earlier Habeas is being bought out by ReturnPath.
While they’ve not actually used it for several years the thing that Habeas will be remembered for is their introduction of the Haiku form of poetry into email headers:

winter into spring
brightly anticipated
like Habeas SWE ™

How better to commemorate that than with some email themed Haiku?
Some email delivery folks have provided these to start you off:
Goodbye Habeas.
What have you left? Just footprints
in snow as spring comes.
Commercial Email,
Confirmed and opted-in,
Clicked and opened.
Creative content,
If not blocked or bulked,
Then inbox-receiv’d.
spam is really dumb
it makes our lives really hard
it will never leave
spammers are dumber
especially if client
need to be fired
MickC has one too, a “bye-ku“.
Can you do any better? Bonus points for a 5, 7, 5 syllable pattern and some reference to a time of year…


  1. Habeas Bye-ku | Intellectual Intercourse says

    […] Comments Delivery Haikus at Word to the Wise on Habeas Bye-kuCAN-SPAM doesn’t change our contract | Intellectual Intercourse on I had a […]

  2. Spamfighter says

    goodbye habeus
    winter of your discontent
    was the misspelling

  3. J.A. says

    I tried a haiku
    It did not work out so well
    Let’s try something else

  4. Anonymous says

    It took Habeas
    Millions to figure out that
    Haikus don’t pay off

  5. Matt Blumberg says

    Now is the spring of
    our content; Habeas and
    Return Path as one
    (please note – deliverability itself has seven syllables!)

  6. Deirdre says

    a couple smart alec ones for the archive..
    Ah hyperbole
    Pay for my reputation
    Poor fodder for fools
    A marriage of cash
    Doth not a white angel make
    Unless u naive

  7. JF says

    Habeas is bought
    My heart sings for all involved
    …I still live Chuck free

  8. JF Sullivan says

    Habeas Huddle?!
    Whimsically embarrassed
    …I say, “Bye, Erick”

  9. Deirdre says

    To my friendly foe
    As promised, a public note
    Grain of salt is fun

  10. Erick Mott says

    Always in good taste
    That is the mindset for me
    Onward and happy

  11. DJ Waldow says

    Mott. Dierdre. Blumberg.
    One big company some day?
    Only time will tell.
    (dj at bronto)

  12. Des Cahill says

    This is my favorite haiku. It’s from Robert Hunter. I think it speaks to this situation, and many others in life, well.
    Ripple in still water
    when there is no pebble tossed
    nor wind to blow


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