Al points out that EmailAppenders are possibly trying to change their online reputation. To bad their “suggestion” does not work.


  1. emailappenders sucks says

    This fine group seems to think we’re stupid enough to buy their lame excuses.
    The domains involved include: – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – and probably many others that have turned up occasionally.
    We can’t say they’re all owed or organized by the same group, but have received enough spam to correlate addresses, servers, phone numbers, email addresses, and spamming style to link them all together. Several of these domains have been listed under the name “Steve Radler” or “Sloan Markeing”.
    The spams are all characterized by URLs that contain the recipient’s personal information, including name, company, address, phone & fax, and zipcode. Obviously this is used for tracking. The emails use lots of quoted printable characters, =20 for space, =2E for ., =3D for =, =3E for ?. They also contain many continuation lines, using = at the end of the line to indicate the next line is part of the current line. We have never seen so much of this in emails from any other senders. It seems to be a trademark of this group.
    We’ve been receiving and posting spam from them for several years. Suddenly in a very short time span we received 6 removal requests mostly from the same IP address in India. Each request had lame excuses. They even claimed that the emails were due to a virus in a client’s computer which had now been cleaned up. Yet still, the spam continues arriving. Just today they begain spamming another one of our email addresses. They are obviously emailing to non-confirmed lists.
    Most of the websites merely show a “removal” form or a “login” form. Very few of them show any sort of contact information or even any information about the company. This certainly helps make them look illegitimate. We suppose that most of the domain names exist in order to get past filtering and blocking. Legitimate senders rarely need to resort to this tactic. Many of the domains are registered to or A few were registered to
    What we find odd is that we can find very little trace of these folks in either NANAE or SpamHaus. That is very puzzling. We reject the idea that we have our own pet group of spammers harassing just us. Some of our addresses that receive their spew have no obvious relationship to the others. Maybe they just keep their volume low enough to stay under the radars of other spam trackers.
    So, Steve or Alan or whoever you are … your removal requests would probably amount to something if you didn’t continue spamming email addresses that have never signed up for your emails.
    Here are some of the removal request excuses for your reading amusement:
    Editors note: I left in the comments but removed or anonymized personal information present in the requests
    Date : 2005-03-29 15:36:27 IP address : Hostname : area: deny description: 550 20030410 another NON-optin jerque ******* ******@s*******.com reason: obsolete name: Steve Thomas company: location: San Francisco phone: 800-555-2587 email: ********* info: Please remove this entry as we dont spam and more over, ********.com is only used as an incoming mail id. authorization: yes
    Date : 2005-04-13 06:17:07 IP address : Hostname : area: spam reason: obsolete name: webadmin company: phone: 800-555-1838 email: authorization: yes
    Date : 2005-04-13 06:18:49 IP address : Hostname : name: webadmin company:******** phone: 888-555-2186 email: *********** authorization: yes
    Date : 2005-04-13 06:18:54 IP address : Hostname : area: spam name: webadmin company: ******** phone: 888-555-2186 email: *********** authorization: yes
    Date : 2005-04-13 06:22:29 IP address : Hostname : area: spam name: webadmin company: uluniversity phone: 888-555-5536 email: ********** authorization: yes
    Date : 2005-04-15 12:50:57 IP address : Hostname : area: spam description: Spammers’ phone numbers SalesBrowser reason: incorrect correction: It is not a Spammer. It is due to virus.It has been cleared now. name: Madhu company: salesBrowser location: ********** houstan tx 77079 email: support@********* authorization: yes

  2. Matt says

    They been around and spamming for years… I see them back to 2005 and I suspect if you search spamhaus , google and nanae for “registrar99” you will find them.

  3. anonymous says

    Our company used one of these companies to purchase a very specific email list that had supposedly agreed to receive our news letter. What we received in return was not only a list with very poor data, but once they had our money they were rude and under delivered on their promise then refused a refund. This group is despicable, and if anyone is thinking about using them to gain contacts, save yourself the headache and don’t.

  4. Monica says

    Here is the list of all the spammers associated with this email group

  5. James DiStefano says

    Mediaspade is not associated with and thier spam services. Here’s a Word to the Wise and whoever Monica is. Why you decided to post our company name is confusing. I have been in the direct marketing industry for over 20 years. This post is just plain and simply malicious. Monica check you facts before you make accusations. Word to the wise remove our name immediately.


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