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Upcoming Conferences

EmailKarma lists a number of upcoming events for email marketers and delivery folks.

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RoadRunner FBL changes

RoadRunner announced changes to their FBL this morning. Everyone who is currently getting a FBL should have received an email. Important dates to remember include the following. August 28: Existing RR FBL will be frozen. No changes to existing loops will be accepted and no new FBL applications will be processed. All current FBLs will […]


Getting whitelisted by endusers

One of the best ways to ensure mail is delivered to a recipients inbox is to encourage the recipient to add the senders from: address to their address book. In cases where an ISP might otherwise bulk folder the email, they will instead put the email into the inbox. Senders are changing their practices to […]


Updates on upcoming AOL FBL changes

Annalivia posted more information over on the AOL Postmaster blog about the upcoming conversion of the AOL FBL to ARF only. Specifically, she provides instructions for how to read the FBL emails in different email clients. ARF can be read in most major email clients with a little human intervention. The content of the header […]

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Delivery Haikus

As we mentioned earlier Habeas is being bought out by ReturnPath. While they’ve not actually used it for several years the thing that Habeas will be remembered for is their introduction of the Haiku form of poetry into email headers: winter into spring brightly anticipated like Habeas SWE ™ How better to commemorate that than […]


ReturnPath acquires Habeas

This morning ReturnPath announced they had acquired Habeas. Goodbye Habeas. What have you left? Just footprints in snow as spring comes.


Letting Go

Derek Harding has an article over at ClickZ, discussing the importance of letting subscribers go. Many marketers are embracing the concept of a list exit strategy. That is, developing and managing a process to identify and gracefully remove recipients for whom a list is no longer valuable. Many lists have a long tail of recipients […]

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The term backscatter describes the email an innocent victim receives when a spammer forges the victim’s email address into a spam run. The amount of mail involved can be just a few emails or can range into the hundreds of thousands of emails. Terry Zink recently wrote an 18 part series on backscatter. It is […]

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Delivery thoughts

I have spent quite a bit of time over the last few days working with new clients who are asking a lot of basic, but insightful questions about delivery problems. I have been trying to come up with a model of how spam filtering works, to help them visualize the issue and understand how the […]


Strategic email marketing

Mark Brownlow has an interview with Simms Jenkins the author of The Truth about Email Marketing. Well worth a read for anyone who is sending email.

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