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Constituents clog lawmaker mail servers

With the recent credit market turmoil and the proposed 700 billion dollar bail out bill many, many Americans are taking the opportunity to contact their congressional representatives. This increase in traffic has resulted in the website being slow or unresponsive, the mailservers being clogged and the phone system straining. In response to the increased […]

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Confirmed (double) opt-in in the wild

Lashback gives an example of the use of confirmed opt-in in the wild.


What he said

After 2 weeks of travel and too many airport experiences, Seth’s post of random travel thoughts this morning resonated with me.

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Fingerpointing all around

Mickey has copies of affidavits filed by David Linhardt and his lawyers all denying they were responsible for missing the court’s deadline.

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The Question

Mark Brownlow has a list of 12 questions every email marketer should ask about their marketing program. Buried in the middle is the most important question for delivery. Do you worry more about what ISPs think about your email than what subscribers think about your email? If you take care of the latter, won’t the […]



Chris Nixon has a post talking about the background of MAAWG and why he is here in Ft. Lauderdale.

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Links to check out

Things are going well, if busy, here at the conference. I am attending lots of sessions and continuing to edit my talk for tomorrow. I thought I would list some random links that have come up here recently. Lashback is advertising a joint webinar with Habeas, Publishers Clearinghouse and Lashback on how to protect brands […]

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Appropriating reputation

One of the thing savvy spammers are doing these days is appropriating the reputation of someone else. Reputation appropriate takes many forms. Some spammers hijack windows machines, turn them into bots and send spam through major ISP smarthosts. “Legitimate email marketers” buy service from mainstream ESPs to send their permission-challenged email that they cannot get […]



I head off to MAAWG on Sunday where I will catch up with the people I have not seen since last October. One of the very nice things about email delivery right now is the industry is small enough to know almost everyone involved. While MAAWG is only one of a number of conferences, it […]

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The dog ate my discovery responses

When we last visited our intrepid litigants, Spamhaus’ lawyers had filed a motion to dismiss citing yet another failure by e360 to meet a court ordered discovery deadline. Let me set the stage. e360 misses deadline after deadline during discovery. They skip depositions. They stall and provide incomplete answers weeks or months after they are […]

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  • Lost in the mists of time

    Over on the Farsight Security blog Joe St. Sauver talks about some of the early days of online abuse, on usenet. Laura and I were on the periphery of early usenet abuse, mostly as users, but Usenet (and IRC) around then were the places we both started with email abuse.No Comments

  • Ongoing Yahoo delays

    I've been hearing from folks over the last few days that they're seeing an uptick in deferrals from Yahoo! The deferrals are not uniform. ESPs report they're seeing some, but not all, customers affected. Other ESPs aren't seeing any changes. It's not just you. But it would be very worthwhile to dig into engagement and other stats. It's possible this is a new normal at Yahoo! and they're tightening filters to catch mail that doesn't fit their standards but was previously difficult to filter.No Comments

  • AOL starts using Sender Score Certification

    Good news for Sender Score Certified IPs. Return Path recently announced that AOL has joined the list of ISPs offering preferential treatment to certified IPs.  1 Comment