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One thing I hear from a lot of delivery folks, both consultants and those who work at the ESPs, is that their customers and clients fight back whenever they say no. A client or a customer proposes this great idea that involves sending irrelevant email to uninterested people. Then, with bated breath, they ask their delivery consultant to agree it is a brilliant idea. Most of the time, their great idea is actually a bad idea. Those of us who have been around a while can even and provide examples and experiences that back up that it is a bad idea.
The result is similar, when told their idea will hurt their delivery they fight tooth and nail. On good days they will argue and decide to listen. On bad days they go off and do what they were warned not to do.
It can be horribly frustrating for all of us in the delivery field. We actually want customers’ mail to succeed. We tell customers no, not because we want to ruin their day or their business or their ideas, but because we want to help their business. Our job is to make their email work, and sometimes that means saying no.
Next time your delivery consultant, or your ESP delivery expert, tells you that an idea may cause delivery problems, give them some credit for their experience and expertise. We really do have your best interests at heart and really do want your email to succeed.

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  • Can’t agreed with you more on this post Laura. Me coming not only from email marketing industry but web design and development, still get customers who want to change their mouse pointer to some trailing stars (basic HTML website which does not have any reason to have that trailing stars) or having tons of keywords at the bottom in white color (background white) trying to cheat the search engines. When comes to things like trailing stars, I can still go with it but things like have tons of keywords at the bottom of the page, I will stand on my ground and tell them to listen to us or find another company who are willing to do that. This goes the same for our email marketing practice too, we had a company who wanted to make unsubscribe process as difficult as possible, yes, you read this right. This is a huge corporation with a team of e-commerce experts and supposedly email marketing team who does not have the guts to stand against the department boss.
    If you are employing someone to manage your email marketing, listen to Laura and please listen to your email marketing vendor. We are there for a reason and the only reason is to see that you succeed in your email marketing….. doing it the right way!

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