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The SpamZa folks have been attempting to use this blog (and probably other blogs) to get out their message that their website can be used to abuse both recipients and senders. They have been having connectivity problems, most likely due to their abuse being unacceptable to the upstreams they could find. Now, faced with the utter failure of their spam people project, they are attempting to post comments ridiculing those of us who were on the right side of this issue.

SpamZa was actually quite funny. I don’t understand why people hated us so much. We merely signed people to a few newsletters. Oh no, not this! Some people are getting raped as I am typing this, pedophiles are distributing children pornography almost entirely freely, people are getting murdered by gangs in about every single major town in the world, people die of hunger, illnesses and war everywhere on earth and your priority is a dumb newsletter websites. You are really pathetic. I’m pointing at you, so-called “knights of the internet”. FYI, I donate my christmas bonus (I do have a job, and an important one) to charity. What do YOU do? Get a life.

Spammers and net-abusers have been posting furious polemics like this for years. Really, stradf, let me give you a little advice gleaned from my years on the Internet. If the only defense you have to defend your existence is “there are worse things happening in the world!” and “I am a good person” you should give up and try again. There are, and will always will be, hunger and violence and tragic events happening. Those things are not the subject of this blog. This blog is about email and delivery.
The reality is what SpamZa was doing is abusive, and trying to put people who pointed out they were abusive on the defensive, shows that they know they were abusers. The amazing thing is, abusers cannot come up with anything new.
I do thank you for your comment, stradf, it is always good to know that my blog posts are inspiring people to respond. Next time, though, if you want your comment to be approved, you should cut back on the sound and fury and include some real content.

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