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The great folks over at Mailchimp publish aggregate stats from their customers. This is a useful set of data for senders who want to see how other mailers or ESPs are doing.
One set of stats is the data from

234 million emails delivered by our system (where campaign tracking was activated, and where users actually reported their company size) and calculated average open rates, average click rates, average soft bounces, average hard bounces, and average abuse complaint rate by company size.

Good stuff, Mailchimp.

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  • Laura,
    Thanks for the tip on this. I’ve also seen some good stats from the gang over at Bronto.
    Important for everyone to keep in mind that these stats are basic markers. Individual mileage will vary. Dependent on business, list quality, etc. Best approach would be to set your own benchmark and then test, test, and test to improve results over time.

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