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AOL backlog

The AOL postmaster queue is backlogged from the recent upgrades. They are working through things as fast as possible, but have warned that they expect delays until they get caught back up.

Personal Contacts at ISPs: Part 2

I’ve talked quite a bit recently about working with ISPs and personal contacts. Today I have an example of what not to do. One of my ISP friends informed me that another blogger published correspondence from an individual at that ISP, including the individual’s full contact information. The correspondence wasn’t a big deal, the blogger was assigned an IP address by their ISP that was previously...

ISP Postmaster Pages

I’ve been working on some reference information about ISPs for my own internal use as well as sharing with clients. There doesn’t seem to be any public reference site for postmaster sites, so I decided to publish what I’ve collected. ISP FBL Whitelist AOL Yes Yes ATT No No Bellsouth No No No No No No Comcast Yes No Cox Yes No Excite Yes No Frontier No No Gmail No No...

Landing pages

One thing I don’t talk about very much is what to do after mail has successfully been delivered to the inbox and the recipient has clicked on a link. Bronto Blog has a post from Friday with tips for successful landing pages.

Personal contacts at ISPs

A lot of senders seem to think that the secret to good delivery is having personal contacts at the ISPs. That way, when there is a delivery problem you can call up your friend at the ISP and inform them that they have made a mistake. In this little sender fantasy world, the ISP rep then apologizes profusely, unblocks the sender’s mail and perform magic to prevent a block from ever happening...

Lycos Europe shuts down

Multiple bloggers have commented on Lycos Europe shutting down. Some of them have linked to domains involved. One person, who wishes to remain anonymous, has sent me a list of domains which have a MX pointing at Lycos Europe. If you see a failure to resolve or connect to any of these domains in the coming weeks, you should remove all the email addresses at that domain from your lists. The list is...

Yahoo FBL returns

This morning ReturnPath and Yahoo announced the new Yahoo FBL has gone live. Signups are being accepted at . Yahoo provides the following instructions: Yahoo! offers a Complaint Feedback Loop service, free of charge, via this site operated by Return Path. To begin the process: Determine your sending domain (the d= value in your DomainKeys or DKIM signature). Determine your selector (the s= value...

When the script doesn't work

DJ asks in the comments of Friday’s post: As Seth said, great reminder. For those that have great processes/channels in place, I’ve found incredible success. However, sometimes I’ve found my answer on Twitter (i.e., @godaddyguy). Also, there have been times where I’ve gone through the script (i.e., and have never heard back. What then? This is the reason ISP relations folks get...

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