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Following the script

Yesterday I talked about breaking through the script in order to escalate an issue. I briefly mentioned that I always start out following the script and using the channels ISPs have provided. There are a number of reasons to do this all of which benefit you, the sender. First off, when you use the designated communication pathway at an ISP there is a record of your contact. There are procedures...

Breaking through the script

In handling day to day issues I use the ISP designated channels. This means I frequently get dragged into long conversations with people, probably outsourced to the far east, who can do nothing beyond send me a boilerplate. This can be a frustrating experience when the issue you’re trying to deal with is not handled by the script. Generally, by the time someone has come to me for help, they...

AOL Postmaster Support down Jan 16th through Jan 20th

AOL just posted that the backend of their postmaster support ticketing system will be down over the from January 16th through January 20th. This means that while new tickets can be opened, work will not proceed on them until the system is back up on Jan 20th. I expect this also means that any tickets in the system might be delayed as well.

Opt-in is dead! Long live opt-in.

This week there has been an ongoing discussion on one of my mailing lists about spam, definitions, use of the this-is-spam button and permission. One small part of the discussion centers around the definition of spam. Is spam unwanted email or is it unasked for email? If a sender doesn’t have permission from recipients to send mail, but the sender manages to keep their reputation at major...

Google Apps – where's my abuse@

Most ISP feedback loops require you to demonstrate that you’re really responsible for your domain before they’ll start forwarding reports to you. The usual way that works is pretty similar to a closed-loop opt-in signup for a mailing list – the ISP sends an email with a link in it to the abuse@ and postmaster@ aliases for your domain, and you need to click the link in one or...

Subvert the dominant paradigm

I am very slowly getting back into the swing of work and reconnecting with colleagues and other delivery folks, both on the sending and receiving side. On the sending side, there are multiple discussions happening about how senders can best communicate with receivers how much spam blocking by ISPs impacts legitimate businesses. This is one of those perpetual issues, popping up usually around the...

MAAWG agenda published

For those of you who are MAAWG members, the agenda for the February meeting in San Francisco has been published. Who is planning on attending?

Legitimate list vendors

In this week’s Magilla newsletter, Ken provides a number of ways to identify a bad email list vendor. His suggestions are not only appropriate for list vendors, but are also a good way to screen mail partners, customers or even vendors.

Court rules for

Today a California judge ruled against plaintiffs suing Venkat has blogged about the case previously, and has an analysis of the ruling. The crux of the case is requesting users provide passwords to email accounts and then sending mail claiming to be from the user to all the addresses in the users address book. According to Mediapost: the plaintiffs alleged that these...

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