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I am very slowly getting back into the swing of work and reconnecting with colleagues and other delivery folks, both on the sending and receiving side. On the sending side, there are multiple discussions happening about how senders can best communicate with receivers how much spam blocking by ISPs impacts legitimate businesses.
This is one of those perpetual issues, popping up usually around the time of conferences where both senders and receivers pop up. Senders are frustrated by the amount of their mail that is blocked, receivers are frustrated by the amount of mail that isn’t blocked and by the complaints from their users. The sender solution is to attempt a dialog with receivers, where they can tell the receivers how much legitimate mail is blocked. Receivers respond by avoiding senders as much as possible.
The impasse annoys everyone and doesn’t do anything to get mail delivered. I challenge both senders and receivers to find a new way to relate to each other this year

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  • “We’re on the same side here. You want to send mail that engages our users, and we want to deliver that mail. However, these current numbers demonstrate that this isn’t happening, that the system is breaking down somewhere. What can we do to fix that?”
    …and probably leave unspoken the bit that goes:
    “…and by ‘we’, I mean ‘you’, you non-confirming, e-pending, dirty-affiliate-listwashing, ancient-list-mailing, bad bounce-handling, spammy-looking-body-content-providing, spamming scumbags”.

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