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Not all email is created equal

I have been dealing with a client delivery issue at a major ISP recently. During the course of troubleshooting my client tested mail delivery using a personal email account. This client noticed that email was delivered promptly. He then asked me if it was possible to get the ISP to prioritize his bulk mail over […]

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Link Roundup

Why email marketers are hated. A group of Ontario spammers finds Ken Magill’s email address and spams him. Repeatedly. New docs in e360 v. Spamhaus. The judge threw out the after-the-fact affidavit from e360, but did not grant Spamhaus’ motion for summary judgment. Looks like this might end up at trial after all. Oral arguments […]

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MAAWG Senders

Last week at MAAWG a number of members asked me about signing up for the MAAWG senders’ list. I have instructions for how to do so. If you would like a copy, email me at laura-maawg at wordtothewise dotcom. Note: ONLY MAAWG members are eligible for any of the discussion lists or working groups.

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Jon Leibowitz: New FTC chair

Jon Leibowitz is slated to be appointed the new chair of the FTC as reported by Bloomberg and CNet. This may mean tougher regulations online. In the past Mr. Leibowitz has advocated that online advertisers move to opt-in for website cookies. This may signal his intention to put more control in the hands of the […]

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Soft bounces and rate limiting

What is your policy for handling soft bounces? What do you consider a soft bounce? What is the right thing to do about soft bounces? The first step in talking about soft bounces is to define them. When I talk about soft bounces, I mean mail that has been rejected with a 4xx response during […]

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Brand name spam

I’ve been getting a lot more spam advertising name brand companies. Places like FTD Flowers, Seattle Coffee Direct, Wal-Mart, Jet Blue, Gevalia and VistaPrint seem to all be working with spammers. In some cases, I am getting the same email to different email addresses from different domains and different IP addresses. I am sure, if […]


Words of wisdom from the hallway

Sitting around talking with folks in the hallway. One ISP rep mentions “we think we have found another front company of theirs…” My only comment was “If a company needs to create a front company…” We all just looked at each other and didn’t need to come up with the “then…” Really, if a sender […]

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Palpable ennui

Put any group of senders together and the conversation invariably turns to discussions of how to get email delivered to the Inbox. There is an underlying flavor to most of these conversations that is quite sad. Many senders seem to believe that the delivery of their email is outside of their control and that since […]


Affiliate Liability

Eric Goldman published his notes on affiliate liability from his talk at SMX West. He mentions some cases where a company was sued under CAN SPAM. Unlike general legal statutes, where non-agents cannot create liability for a company, under CAN SPAM companies are liable for the actions of their advertisers. Despite this statutory difference, both […]

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Gearing up for MAAWG

One of the nice bits of SF MAAWG is that I don’t actually have to get on a plane in order to get to the conference. Still there seems to be a very long list of “things to do” before heading up to the city. If you’re going to be there, stop by and say […]

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  • DNS problems

    Hurricane Electric had a significant outage of their authoritative DNS servers this morning, causing them to return valid responses with no results for all(?) queries. This will have caused delivery problems for any mail going to domains using DNS - which will include some of their colocation customers, as well as users of their free services - but also will have caused reverse DNS to fail for most servers hosted by Hurricane Electric worldwide, so if any of your mail is being sent from HE hosted machines you may have seen problems. (We're HE customers so we noticed. Still happy with them as a vendor.)No Comments

  • DNS issues

    If you're sending email from any address beginning with a 65 - in - it's possible you'll see some delivery problems. Something appears to be broken with dnssec signatures for the reverse DNS zone, leading queries for reverse DNS to fail for anyone using a dnssec aware DNS resolver (which is almost everyone).1 Comment

  • Our green bar certificate is going away

    Later today we'll be switching from an Extended Validation ("green bar") SSL certificate to a Domain Validation certificate. This isn't exactly a planned change but I'm waiting for responses from Comodo before I go into it too much. I'll share some more details next week.3 Comments