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I frequently talk about sending relevant emails. Today Ken Magill reviewed the new book Successful E-mail Marketing Strategies, from Hunting to Farming by Arthur Middleton Hughes and Arthur Sweetser. In Ken’s words:

“Successful Marketing Strategies” doesn’t just tell readers they should send relevant e-mail. It explains how to achieve relevance and measure it. It explains old-school concepts such as how to market using recency, frequency and monetary value. It explains calculating customer lifetime value and the cost to acquire a new customer, and how to use that information in easy-to-understand terms.
It also covers topics unique to e-mail marketing, such as crafting effective subject lines and harnessing the power of transactional messages.
Besides being extremely timely, “Successful Marketing Strategies” is highly readable and, most importantly, useful. And that’s the best compliment a trade book can receive.

Sounds like a book to add to my bookshelf.

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