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Supreme Court declines to hear anti-spam case

Yesterday the Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal for Virginia v. Jaynes. This means that the Virginia state supreme court ruling overturning the Virginia anti-spam law currently stands. Jeremy Jaynes was a well known spammer who went under the name Gavin Stubberfield. He was pretty famous in anti-spammer circles for sending horse porn spam. […]

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Delivery can be counter-intuitive

We all know that receiving ISPs rate limit incoming email. With the volumes of mail that they’re currently dealing with they must do that in order to keep their servers from falling over. A client was dealing with rate limits recently. These were not typical rate limits, in that the recipient ISP was 4xxing mail. […]

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Happy Friday

Mark Brownlow released a video earlier this week titled “If B2B marketing emails could talk.” Enjoy. HT: Mickey

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Fake privacy policies

I sign up at a lot of websites and liberally spray email addresses across the net. These signups are on behalf of one customer or another and each webform gets its own tagged and tracked email address. I always have a specific goal with each signup: getting a copy of a customer’s email, checking their […]

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Email is store and forward

Many of us are so used to email appearing instantaneous, we forget that the underlying protocol was never designed for instant messaging. When the SMTP protocol was originally proposed it was designed to support servers that may have had intermittent connectivity. The protocol allowed for email to be spooled to disk and then sent when […]

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Cox FBL update

Delivery mailing lists have been a buzz this week trying to figure out what is going on with the Cox FBL. Someone tried to sign up for the FBL and received a message saying Cox was no longer accepting applications. They forwarded the rejection to some of the mailing lists asking if anyone else had […]

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What is an email address? (part three)

As promised last week, here are some actual recommendations for handling email addresses. First some things to check when capturing an email address from a user, or when importing a list. These will exclude some legitimate email addresses, but not any that anyone is likely to actually be using. And they’ll allow in some email […]


What is an email address? (part two)

Yesterday I talked about the technical definitions of an email address. Eventually on Monday I’m going to talk about some useful day-to-day rules about email address acquisition and analysis, but first I’m going to take a detour into tagging or mailboxing email addresses. Tagging an email address is something the owner of an email address […]


What is an email address? (part one)

Given we deal with email addresses every day, dozens or thousands or millions of them, it seems a bit strange to ask what an email address is – but given some of the problems people have with the grubbier corners of address syntax it’s actually an interesting question. There are two real standards that define […]


ISP Information pages

I have posted a ISP Information Page. Right now it contains links to Postmaster pages, Whitelist signup pages and FBL signup pages. I have some ideas on what information would be helpful to add, but would like to hear what types of info people would like to have easy access to. What do you think […]


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