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Back in November, I commented on Zoominfo and that they were selling senders very bad lists. At that time, Zoominfo did not have my current information. They have since rectified that problem and are now selling my information to people.
This morning, I received an email that said:

I wanted to follow up on a previous email I sent out a couple days ago.  At Company, we offer an affordable, innovative, and in-depth marketing service that will  keep you one step ahead of your competitors.  Would you or a member of your team be interested in setting aside some time to see how this works?

I’d missed the first mail, apparently it had been generic enough (only the domain name in the subject line, and an unfamiliar name in the From: address) that I marked it as spam. It looked like a bunch of the other spam I get, it came to an address different than that on the website.
I asked the sender where he got my email address, he told me that he got it from Zoom Info. I kinda feel sorry for the guy, actually. He’s clearly some new sales guy who is just trying to make sales for his company (founded in 2008 according to their website). The problem is, his company is selling themselves as marketing experts, yet their expertise is questionable. The mail I was sent did not comply with CAN SPAM. It did not have an opt-out, nor did it have a physical postal address. Any VP of Sales in the online marketing space should know better than this.
The ironic bit of this is that the founder of this particular company is someone I’ve worked with in the past. If the email had even the slightest bit of personalization, “Hi, Laura, you worked with Our CEO at CEO’s Former Company, and we’re working on a new project we’d like to show you,” then I would have at least opened a dialog with the company. Even saying, “hey, I read your blog and would like to talk to you about our new product and see how it might work for you,” would have gotten a less chilly reception from me. Buying a list and sending a generic “let me tell you about my business model” email? Not so much.
Yes, Mr. VP of Sales, you are acting just like a spammer. This is what spammers do.

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