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Links Post

Lifecycle Marketing on Bronto Blog. A good summary of issues in marketing to customers as they move through a relationship with recipients. Blocked email: why me? on Cloudmark’s blog. A good introduction to blocking issues. Tamara’s links for 4/16. She’s found a lot of good posts here, including multiple posts about unsubscribes and others on […]

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Measuring open rate

In this part of my series on Campaign Stats and Measurements I will be examining open rates, how they are used, where they fail and how the can be effectively used. There has been an lot written about open rates recently, but there are two posts that stand out to me. One was the EEC’s […]


Verizon does not have a FBL

When I posted my initial cut of the ISP information page earlier this year, there was a comment asking about a Verizon FBL. At that time, I talked to some of the people-who-would-know over at Verizon and asked if they do have a FBL. The answer was a definite no. For some reason, though, I […]

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Campaign stats and measurements

Do you know what your campaign stats mean? Do you know what it is that you’re measuring? I think there are a lot of emailers out there who have no idea what they are measuring and what those measurements mean. The most common measurement used is “open rate.” There’s been quite a bit of discussion […]


Deliverability versus delivery

Deliverability is a term so many people use every day, but what do we really mean when we use it? Is there an accepted definition of deliverability? Is the concept different than delivery? At a recent conference I was running a session talking about email delivery, senders and the roles senders play in the email […]

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Open rates climbing, click rates dropping

Ken Magill reported on a study published by Epsilon (pdf link) on Tuesday. This report shows open rates are climbing but click-through rates are falling. Average e-mail click-through rates dropped 0.1% in the fourth quarter of 2008 from the third to 5.8%, the lowest ever recorded, according to a study released today by Epsilon. […] […]


Three ways spammers get your address

Paul explains 3 ways spammers get your email address.

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Privacy policies in court

Venkat has an analysis of a case where an individual provided a unique address to a vendor and that vendor released the address in violation of the posted privacy policy. The federal court rejected the suit due to the failure of the plaintiff to provide evidence of harm. I posted last week about privacy policies […]


I have an email delivery problem. Can you help?

I see a lot of requests for help with some sort of delivery problem, sent to me as an individual, sent to Laura as part of a consulting relationship, sent to ISPs, sent to organizations running blacklists or sent to industry mailing lists, both public and private. Some of them could be done better. OK, […]


Open rates

Right now, there is no way to compare open rates as everyone calculates them differently. Mark Brownlow covers this today.

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