Verizon does not have a FBL


When I posted my initial cut of the ISP information page earlier this year, there was a comment asking about a Verizon FBL. At that time, I talked to some of the people-who-would-know over at Verizon and asked if they do have a FBL. The answer was a definite no.
For some reason, though, I continue to receive questions about the Verizon FBL. Based on the questions, the best I can extrapolate is that there is an ESP out there, somewhere, that states they have a Verizon FBL. It is possible, albeit unlikely, that they have a special agreement with Verizon. However, there is no generally available Verizon FBL.
If Verizon does make a FBL widely available, I will mention it here and update the ISP information page with the data. Until then, be very cautious with claims that there is a Verizon FBL.

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