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Introducing the "No email 'till Monday"

Ever have that day? That day full of delivery problems, ISP problems, headaches and turmoil? That week where you want to just forget email ever existed? Ever have that day extend for a week? So have we all. In honor of that kind of day, we introduce the “No email ’till Monday”. Fill a shaker […]


Yahoo delivery problems

Over the last week or so a number of people have mentioned problems with delivery to Yahoo. It seems that some emails are being erroneously rejected. Earlier this week, Yahoo posted a message to the Yahoo Postmaster announcement list saying they were aware of the problem and were working on fixing it. some senders are […]


Another perspective on the Politico article

Yesterday, I talked about the delivery advice that could be gleaned from the Politico article The best e-mail lists in politics. While there are some good practices and attitudes expressed in the article, there are problems with how some of the political lists are being handled. For instance, Ken Magill signed up for any number […]

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Delivery advice from Politico

Politico published an article Sunday looking at the best e-mail lists in politics. Their criteria for choosing the winner focused on list size and recipient engagement, measured by amount of money raised and recipient response to issues. Despite not being a delivery focused article or even mentioning delivery at all, this article is all about […]

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ReturnPath customers?

Someone posted the following question about ReturnPath in the comments: Does anyone have any reports or links as to whether Return Path are worth the thousands p.a that they charge? I don’t have any reports or links handy. Anyone have any? Also, what about competing services like Goodmail and PivotalVeracity? Have a great weekend all.


Useful links: May 21

Dave Romerstein over at Cloudmark continues his series on blocked email. While he’s not saying anything different than many of us have already said, his perspective is well worth a read. Part 1: Blocked email: Why me? Part 2: Blocked email: Now what do I do? is now I am hearing that some […]

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CAN SPAM pre-emption in the courts

Ethan Ackerman has a summary of recent cases where judges are splitting over rulings on CAN SPAM pre-emption.

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TWSD: Dumb and dumber

I recently received a spam offering to get one of my personal websites listed in foreign search engines.  Harvesting addresses off websites is dumb. Even dumber is sending a followup a week later with a notice at the top. Did you receive the e-mail which I sent to you recently (copied here-below)? Please confirm since […]

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Best time to send email: redux

Last week I wrote about a study classifying different types of email users. My point is that senders should be very aware of how their users interact with email, in order to provide the best user experience and the most revenue for the sender. If, for instance, the bulk of recipients are daytime (9 – […]

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Odd Yahoo Bounces

A number of people are reporting seeing a new bounce from Yahoo. “smtp;553 Mail from x.x.x.x not allowed – [10]”. My clients have been asking and other people have been asking about this. It seems that something is changing at Y! More information as I hear it.

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