Introducing the "No email 'till Monday"


Ever have that day? That day full of delivery problems, ISP problems, headaches and turmoil? That week where you want to just forget email ever existed? Ever have that day extend for a week?
So have we all. In honor of that kind of day, we introduce the “No email ’till Monday”.
Fill a shaker with ice. Then add:
6 fl ounces light rum
4 fl ounces pineapple juice
2 fl ounces cointreau
heavy dash blood orange bitters.
Shake. Pour into 2 cocktail glasses and garnish with a pineapple slice.
Serves 2 (or one if it’s been a really *really* bad week)
The "No email 'till Monday"
We have made this with both light rum and pineapple flavored rum. The pineapple lends a sweeter taste to the drink, but there is a nice burnt sugar edge to the drink with the straight light rum.
I’m headed out on Monday to Amsterdam for a family wedding and MAAWG so blogging will be light for the next 2 weeks. I have some posts stacked up and the people I meet and talk with at MAAWG always trigger new thoughts about email, delivery and spam so do check back while I’m gone.
Those of you who are going to be at MAAWG be sure to stop by my session on Wednesday afternoon and add your perspective to the discussion.

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