Odd Yahoo Bounces

A number of people are reporting seeing a new bounce from Yahoo. “smtp;553 Mail from x.x.x.x not allowed – [10]”. My clients have been asking and other people have been asking about this. It seems that something is changing at Y! More information as I hear it.

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  1. Bogdan Iordache says

    I don’t know how the other people are reporting things to you, didn’t saw any contact info, but I can report you a problem which drives us creazy (we are a startup ESP) regarding Yahoo: in the past weeks could not include any new IP’s for sending emails.
    We have the same setup as for the other current 10 IP’s, we followed the same procedure, wrote to Yahoo several (many) times, yet all email sent on those new IP’s is deffered indefinitely. IP’s are clean, domanins are clean, message is ok (low SpamAssassin score) etc.
    Do you have any info on this ?


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