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I recently received a spam offering to get one of my personal websites listed in foreign search engines.  Harvesting addresses off websites is dumb. Even dumber is sending a followup a week later with a notice at the top.

Did you receive the e-mail which I sent to you recently (copied here-below)? Please confirm since I have had problems lately with emails intercepted by spam-filters set too high.

No, really, my spam filter isn’t set too high. In fact, given this spam hit my inbox, I would say my spam filter is set too low.
Hey, spam filters are a problem for lots of people. But when you’re actually harvesting addresses from websites and spamming, you don’t get to complain that filters are accurate enough to catch your spam.
This is something I talk with clients about frequently. If their mail is getting caught in spam filters it’s bad, but it’s usually because something they are doing makes their mail appear to be spam to recipients. The solution is to send mail that does not look like spam, not to expect recipients to change their spam filtering schemes.
Coping with spam filters is challenging. Good senders do get caught by spam filters and have to compensate and make changes in their own processes. It’s not fair, it’s not ideal, it’s not what anyone wants. Unfortunately, that’s one of the costs of doing business using email and not one I see decreasing any time soon.

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