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Dave Romerstein over at Cloudmark continues his series on blocked email. While he’s not saying anything different than many of us have already said, his perspective is well worth a read. is now I am hearing that some addresses aren’t working but hearing from other people they’re having no problems with delivery. This is a good opportunity for a re-engagement campaign for customers, send them email asking them to sign up with their new addresses and re-engage them.
Al Iverson talks about how DCC is not a spamfilter over on

As I wrote back in 2007, DCC isn’t a spam filter. It’s a bulk filter. What does that mean? It means that it catches any mail that is being sent to a whole bunch of people. Newsletters, order receipts, notifications, whatever.

I will agree that some places do use DCC as a spam filter, but even the maintainer says that it should only be used in conjunction with a whitelist.
Subscriber engagement is critical for good reputation and good delivery. A number of blogs have written about how to reengage recipients.

It also seems that there isn’t an agreement on whether it’s spelled ‘reengagement’ or re-engagement.’ Thoughts?
Stephanie over at ReturnPath explains why permission is not enough for good delivery. A good summary of current issues and how reputation is calculated. Stefan Pollard takes a different perspective on user engagment and talks about how to get the VIP treatment to the inbox.

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