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I’ve been thinking for a while that a delivery blog carnival might be an interesting thing. Al, Mickey and I were talking today about a comment on an article and we thought it might be interesting if we all blogged about it. Then I thought we could open it up to a wider audience.
The comment that prompted our conversation is:

rented email addresses, if done properly, should be no different from renting physical mailing addresses. With over 25 years in direct mail catalog experience, we know that catalogers are sending fewer catalogs and moving from print media to other alternatives, most significantly email. I believe that in time, these catalogers will begin renting/trading their email lists just like they currently rent/trade their physical mailing addresses. Once they figure out how to do this legally and ethically, I hope that this type of prospecting will become feasible and an alternative to others like Google PPC.

In that vein, I’d like to host a delivery carnival. I know not all carnivals need a theme, but I like the idea of looking at the perspectives and replies other people may have about the above comment.
If you’d like to be a part of the blog carnival, send me an email (laura-carnival at wordtothewise) with a link to a blog post by Friday July 31. I’ll publish the carnival the first week in August.

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