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Steve and I were talking this evening and I mentioned to him that I got “a lot of spam that wasn’t really spam. Know what I mean?”
He did. But if I tell that to you, what does it mean to you?
More on this in a couple days, but I’m onsite at a client’s for the next few days so it may take me a plane ride home to put all the thoughts down.

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  • Downloading some drivers and updates for a new computer recently, a couple websites (HP and Roxio, I think) prompted me to register, and required an email address. So, I registered.
    I’ve been getting marketing emails from Roxio at the rate of about two a month, and stuff from HP at a rate of about one every two months, ever since. Now, I gave these people my email address, so I can’t really be shocked that they’re using it, but I unchecked everything I could uncheck, and I have no desire to get any of this junk. …and yet, I wouldn’t be surprised, if were to go back and look, to discover that it was all closed-loop opt-in.
    So, did I really solicit this? I’m a firm believer in the idea that, if you give someone your email address, you shouldn’t be dumbfounded when they use it. On the other hand, they’re playing a little fast and loose with expectations and permission.
    My answer? I’m not going to complain. I might not even unsubscribe. But I will continue to be just a little bit pissed off by it.

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