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I was poking around at some DNS this weekend and happened to do a MX lookup for and noticed something changed. Previously mail was handled by Outblaze (now owned by IBM). It seems, though, that is now outsourcing their mail delivery to AOL.

Valeria:~ laura$ host has address mail is handled by 10
This means is no longer affected by the aggressive blocking at Outblaze. Senders may see an change in delivery to addresses over the short term.


  1. Anton Panaitesco says

    Very interesting indeed.
    I backlink on my blog!

  2. Barry says

    Cant change my display senders address to another mail address.
    That is not good.
    A backward step for me.
    Please put that back

  3. Steve says

    And their performance has gone to hell since then also. This week alone I’ve had 12 outages lasting over 2 hours each. That’s like every day, 3-4 times a day where neither the POP3 access nor the website can be logged into.

  4. Terry says

    This new format SUCKS!!!! give me back the old one,everytime we get use to our mail account you go and change it. This is the worse one yet,change it back or i’m opening an account someplace else

  5. Annalivia says

    GMX bought off of AOL. The transition has been a little painful.

  6. Annalivia says

    I hit “enter” too soon! I meant to add “the transition has been a little painful…AGAIN.”

  7. LL says

    So far, so good — with gmx as it’s new owner. Lot of domain names gone. I guess gmx kept the popular ones.


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