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Canadian Law

A anti-spam bill was passed out of committee Monday in Canada. Other than chatting over drinks with a large contingent of Canadians, I haven’t followed the story too closely. However, Matt V. has a detailed summary of the bill at EmailKarma.
Have a great weekend.

A blast from the past

I’m sitting here watching Iron Chef (the real one, not the American version) and surfing around on It’s a slow night catching up on all the news I’ve missed this week while off traveling. I see a link on the front page: “Web marketer ordered to pay Facebook $711M.” As I click I wonder if I know the web marketer in question. A former client? A name I...

Problems at Cox: Resolved

People mailing to Cox in the wee hours of this morning may have received a rejection message citing the Invaluement DNSBL. 554 IMP a.b.c.d blocked.  IPBL100 – Refer to Error Codes section at for more information. I spoke with one of the folks at Cox and they said there was an error in the implementation causing non-listed IPs to be rejected erroneously between about 4am to 8am (Eastern)...

Why do you need so many IP addresses (part 2)?

In my last post I discussed the background as to why an ISP will require their users to use their IP address allocation efficiently. I also mentioned in passing that I’d discussed ESP address allocation with both ESPs and ISPs recently. The ESP was talking about assigning a couple of dozen IP addresses to each customer, because they might be useful for spreading load and it would provide...

Why do you need so many IP addresses?

IP addresses aren’t an unlimited resource, not on the current version of the Internet anyway. There are only a limited number of them and, while some of the doom and gloom proclamations about us running out in the next year or two may be exaggerated, we are running low on them and should be conserving them where we can. An ISP can’t create new IP addresses from whole cloth. Instead...

Dealing with blacklists

Al has a good post listing the top 5 things senders should remember when dealing with blacklists. One of the critical things to remember about blocklists is that they are an early warning sign. Sure, some of them are one crank and his cat and will not hurt your overall delivery. A sender may be listed for totally spurious reasons . On the other hand, many of the widely used public lists and the...

How NOT to get your mail unblocked

My friend Barry™ contacted me earlier this week to rant about senders contacting him asking for blocks to be lifted. Do they think I’m stupid? That they can just lie to me? Really! A sender contacts me and tells me that their customers only send confirmation emails and I dig through our mail from them and discover all our samples say: NEED CASH FAST? Here you can get up to $1500 dollars...

They are all Barry. Listen to Barry

Al has a guest post up from an ISP rep (now universally referred to as Barry) about senders contacting ISPs. It lists things senders do that Barry Don’t Like.
Listen to Barry.
There are also comments from various other Barrys in the comments. Those are worth reading, too.

Matt Blumberg joins the DMA Board

Matt Blumberg, CEO of ReturnPath, announced on his blog today that he has joined the board of the DMA. The blog post is both an explanation of why he did it and an agenda for what he wants to accomplish. [O]ne outcome of the DMA’s recent proxy fight with Board member Gerry Pike is that I’ve been appointed to the DMA’s Board and its Executive Committee and have been labeled...

Who are you and why are you mailing me?

I’ve mentioned here before that I use tagged addresses whenever I sign up for. This does help me mentally sort out what’s real spam and what’s just mail I’ve forgotten I’ve signed up for. Yesterday, I received and email from thanking me for my interest in their new product. The mail came to a tagged address, but not a tag that I would have given to e...

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