How NOT to get your mail unblocked


My friend Barry™ contacted me earlier this week to rant about senders contacting him asking for blocks to be lifted.

Do they think I’m stupid? That they can just lie to me? Really! A sender contacts me and tells me that their customers only send confirmation emails and I dig through our mail from them and discover all our samples say:

NEED CASH FAST? Here you can get up to $1500 dollars cash overnight.
It’s fast and easy.
http://[REDACTED] Get money for all your needs:
* Bills
* Special Occasions
* Cash Emergencies
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It’s the fastest and easiest way to help pay off your bills.


No! you are not getting unblocked.

I pointed out to him that the sender was attempting to confirm that the recipient wanted money. My friend Barry™ took that with all the gravity with which it was intended… and then asked me if I’d been drinking at lunch.
There’s a bit of seriousness buried in his rant, though. Don’t expect to get unblocked when your mail is indistinguishable from spam. The example above was not actually the example he used, but instead one I dug out of my spam folder that was very similar to the example he did give me. I didn’t sign up for it, and I’m guessing the vast majority of his customers didn’t either. Also, what’s with calling that a confirmation? What is being confirmed?
Whoever the sender was thank you for the example of how not to ask for unblocking.
On another note: blogging will be light next week as I’m at MAAWG.

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