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Here at Word to the Wise we have some unique requirements for mail. For instance, I need to be able to receive examples of emails that are being blocked elsewhere in order to do my job. This means not only do we not outsource mail to someone else, we also run limited spam filtering on the server side. It does mean I have to wade through a bit more spam than others do, but that’s generally not a problem. My client side filters do a decent job at keeping most of the crud out of my mailboxes.
My work account gets very little spam in the folder I use as my inbox. I’m not even sure exactly why this is, but it’s true. One of the exceptions is a psychic (no, really) who has a copy of one of my work email addresses and she regularly spams me offering her spiritual guidance and the opportunity to buy her stuff in order to make peace within my world.  I’ve received these before, usually I just delete them and move on.
Occasionally, though, I long for the ease of a “this is spam” button. Just to be able to hit a single button, no work, no effort and know that I have registered my frustration with a spammer. Today was one of those days. I really don’t want this psychic spam in my mailbox. It seems reasonably professionally done, though, so I check the headers to see if it’s being send from any ESP I know and if it’s worth my time to send in a “hey, didn’t sign up for this, and no, I didn’t forget, either” email.
I visited the website belonging to the domain sending the mail.

This is OnLetterhead
This domain points to OnLetterhead, a branded email and e-newsletter solution. You may have received an email which pointed you to this page. If you prefer not to receieve anymore emails from the sender, you may submit a request via email to our abuse department: support@onletterhead.com.
We apologize for any inconvenience.

That tells me all I need to know about sending in a notice. At best they’ll unsubscribe me. But I suspect  they’ll screw that up and I will still get their mail. At worst they’ll end up arguing with me that I did sign up and I should not be complaining about the mail because I opted in.
I love my mailsystem and the control it gives me, but today I’d really like that ‘this is spam’ button. In one simple click I could set a filter to bulk any future mail from this sender, send a notice to the sender that their mail was viewed as spam by one recipient, and give a small negative to that sender’s reputation. Maybe that would stop them from spamming me.

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