New Blog Design

After a little more than two years and 500 posts we thought it was time for a redesign of the Word to the Wise blog.
While we were cleaning up the design we also fixed some functionality that was broken and added some new features:

  • Everything should render cleanly in most any browser
  • Search works!
  • The archives, over on the right hand side, are a lot easier to navigate
  • If you visit the blog from your cellphone you’ll get a nice layout customized for the smaller screen
  • Down at the bottom of each post are some little badges that’ll let you share the article via twitter or facebook or digg or …
  • The little badges also let you send the article via email, or convert it to a print-friendly PDF
  • There’s a live-ish feed of Laura and I on twitter on the right hand side
  • If you post a comment you’ll find that we generate a little monster avatar for you, if you don’t have a gravatar set up
  • Our RSS feed for new comments is a bit more visible than it was

We’ll be tweaking things over the next couple of weeks – if you see any problems comment here or email us


  1. Al says

    I like it! Good job!!!

  2. jamesh says

    And yes, it looks good in the Blackberry browser too.

  3. Trout says

    yay, monsters


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