Non marketing uses of email

Box of Meat tweeted earlier today:

tired of marketers calling their conferences and cliques “email whatever” as if marketing is the only thing email is for

This is something that a lot of marketers forget as they’re head down in delivery and marketing and click throughs and opens and sales. Most people use email for a lot more than commerce. I think sometimes this gets forgotten by marketers and senders.
Non marketing uses of email

  • Communicating with friends
  • Communicating with family
  • Discussion lists
  • Sharing photos
  • Online dating
  • Working
  • Business collaboration
  • Notifications from social networking sites
  • Authentication / password resets
  • Purchase receipts
  • To do lists
  • File transfer

All of these are things people use email for every day, and none of them are marketing. Something we all need to remember.


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