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I don't have a "this is spam" button

Here at Word to the Wise we have some unique requirements for mail. For instance, I need to be able to receive examples of emails that are being blocked elsewhere in order to do my job. This means not only do we not outsource mail to someone else, we also run limited spam filtering on […]


Controlling delivery

How much control over delivery do senders have? I have repeatedly said that senders control their delivery. This is mostly true. Senders control their side of the delivery chain, but there is a point where the recipient takes over and controls things. As a recipient I can report your email as spam forward your email […]


Internationalisation (part 2)

In part 1 I talked about internationalised domain names, and how they were mapped onto ASCII strings. For sending email there are four bits of the message where internationalisation might need to be considered. Sender or recipient email address Header content, such as the Subject line or the “friendly” name in the To or From […]


Is it ever OK to violate best practices?

Last week @justinpremick tweeted the question “Is it ever OK to break best practices.” My reaction, and reply, was of course it is OK to break best practices, if you know what you’re doing and why. Best practices are all about things that are safe. If you do these things, in all likelihood you will […]

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TWSD: Privacy protection for commercial domains

One of my major pet peeves is supposedly legitimate companies hiding behind privacy protection in their whois records. There is absolutely no reason for a legitimate company to do this. There are lots of reasons a non-legitimate company might want to hide behind privacy services, but I have never heard a good reason for legitimate […]


Internationalisation (part 1)

There’s been a gentle bit of uproar recently about ICANN finally beginning the process of rolling out support for internationalized domain names (IDN) at the DNS root and the effect that may have on email senders. Even if you haven’t noticed the uproar, it’s still a subject you probably want to be familiar with if […]


I need IP addresses to avoid throttling

Number three of seven in our occasional series on why ESPs need, or don’t need, lots of IP addresses to send mail properly. I need many IP addresses so that I can work around ISP throttling limits Why this is right: There are ISPs that limit the number of emails that can be sent from […]

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Privacy policies in the real world

This weekend we took the car in for service. Instead of dropping it off at the dealership, we found a small, local garage. Prominently positioned on the counter was their Email Privacy Policy. The full text of the notice. WEBSITE INFORMATION: When you visit the website you are providing information about your visit to […]

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Non marketing uses of email

Box of Meat tweeted earlier today: tired of marketers calling their conferences and cliques “email whatever” as if marketing is the only thing email is for This is something that a lot of marketers forget as they’re head down in delivery and marketing and click throughs and opens and sales. Most people use email for […]

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I need IP addresses to handle the volume

Number two of seven in our occasional series on why ESPs need, or don’t need, lots of IP addresses to send mail properly. I need lots of IP addresses so my MTAs can handle the volume of mail sent Why this is right One IP address per outbound smarthost is a sensible minimum. It is […]


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