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News and links 12/31/09

We’re iced in here in DC so I’ve been catching up with some industry news while camped in front of a heater and the TV. Best of the ESPs by Forrester Research. Congrats to ET and Responsys for coming out on top. The results, as reported by MediaPost, match reasonably well with my overall impressions […]

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Holiday Break

I did have the absolute best of intentions to finish the Ugly part of my series on “The Good, The Typical and the Ugly” while on the plane yesterday. But, as things sometimes go, it didn’t happen. Blogging will be light through Jan 4th as I’m actually taking some time to visit family, relax and […]

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Typical ESPs

Yesterday, I gave examples of good ESPs and the benefits that their customers receive from their high standards and standards enforcement. Today I’ll be talking about typical ESPs and the things they say and do. A few caveats before I get started. Most of these quotes are composite quotes. I am not quoting one particular […]


What makes a good ESP?

There are a number of things that make a responsible ESP, including setting and enforcing standards higher than those set by the ISPs. One of the responsible ESPs is Mailchimp. (Full disclaimer, I do consult for Mailchimp.) This ESP focuses on businesses with small to medium sized lists. They screen new customers for source of […]


The good, the typical and the ugly

In the theme of the ongoing discussions about ESPs and their role in the email ecosystem, I thought I’d present some examples of how different ESPs work. The good ESPs are those that set and enforce higher standards than the ISPs. They invest money and time in both proactive and reactive policy enforcement. On Monday […]

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Cultural Bias

Guest post by Chris Wheeler After reading Laura’s and Steve’s posts on the gap between the “senders” and “receivers” (both excellent reads I recommend if you haven’t already done so), it really made me think about why I do what I do and why I think (hopefully not being too narcissistic here) that I’m reasonably […]


Time to step up

Neil Schwartzman reacts to yesterday’s link post.

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A series of warnings

Over the last month there have been a number of people sounding warnings about coming changes that ESPs are going to have to deal with. There has been mixed reaction from various people, many people who hear these predictions start arguing with the speaker. Some argue that our predictions are wrong, others argue that if […]


I need to deliver my mail fast

Number four of seven in our occasional series on why ESPs need, or don’t need, lots of IP addresses to send mail properly. I need multiple IP addresses per customer so that that customer can deliver mail in a timely manner Why this is right If your customer needs to deliver a message to 100,000 […]

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How to fix delivery

For all of you that are asking “What do the ISPs want from us” Annalivia has posted a list of specifics that you can do to improve delivery.

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  • AOL FBL change

    Reminder for folks, AOL is changing their FBL from address starting on Jan 17th. AOLlogoForBlogThe (in)famous is going away to be replaced by fbl-no-reply @ These messages will be signed with the d= Time to update your scripts!No Comments

  • Vague reports of Yahoo problems

    A number of people, on different forums, have been asking if anyone is seeing a higher bounce rate than usual with Yahoo. Not sure exactly what's going on here. As I understand it, folks are talking with Yahoo about it. If I hear anything more, I'll share. For now, though, if you're seeing a small increase in Yahoo bounces (or other weirdnesses) others are seeing something odd, too.No Comments

  • Responsive design just got easier at Gmail

    Today Gmail announced they are supporting media queries in Gmail and Google Inbox. This should simplify the creation of emails for multiple platforms. The full list of supported rules can be found on the Google Developer Site.No Comments