FCC Wireless list: removed

The FCC wireless list has been updated and has been removed. The subdomains remain, but there should be no interruption of marketing mail to recipients.

Is it really permission?

There’s a great post over on the AOL Postmaster blog talking about sending wanted mail versus sending mail to people who have <a href=”>grudgingly given permission to receive it. Engagement comes when users REQUEST mail, not just concede to receive it. […] Bottom line… Permission isn’t enough. Our best practices document says “Ensure that you are only...

What she said

Jamie Tomasello on the Cloudmark Blog: ESPs who require and enforce best permission practices should be applying peer and industry pressure within the ESP community to adopt these policies. Ultimately, ESPs need to take responsibility for their clients’ practices. If you are aware that your clients are engaging in questionable or bad practices, address those issues before contacting an ISP or...

Delivery delays due to congestion

Now that we’re deep in the middle of the Christmas shopping season, I’m seeing more and more complaints about delays at ISPs. Mickey talked about everything the ISPs have to consider when making hardware and buildout decisions in his post The hard truth about email on Spamtacular. When, like on cyber Monday, there’s a sharp increase in the volume of email, sometimes ISPs...

A quick marketers guide to DKIM

J.D. Falk posted a brief but comprehensive guide to the different DKIM flags: what they mean and how they may affect delivery. (The original link seems to be dead so I reproduced the blog post for reference It’s just that good. A DKIM Primer Resurrected DKIM only answers two questions: Does the message have a valid signature? If it does, what domain signed it? The signing domain, identified...

Irrelevant emails drive unsubscribes

A new study published by the Chief Marketing Officer Council and and InfoPrint shows that nearly 50% of all unsubscribes were driven by a lack of relevancy. A study conducted by the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council and InfoPrint reveals that of the 91 per cent of consumers who opt out or unsubscribe to emails, 46 per cent do so because the messages they receive are simply not relevant. How...

Cyber Monday inundation

The cyber monday inundation of mail has hit my mailbox. There’s been a clear increase in marketing mail over the last week. Unfortunately for those marketers, it’s too much and I am just scanning subject lines and marking as read. I don’t have the time to read all this mail.

Legitimate email marketers need to take a stand

I was reading an article on Virus Rants and the opening paragraph really stood out. you wouldn’t think this needs to be said, but apparently it does – being a whitehat means taking sides. more than that, it means taking the side aligned (more or less) with the general public’s interests – doing things for their direct or indirect benefit. In the ISP world most sentences...

AOL EWL: low complaints no longer enough

This morning AOL announced some changes to their Enhanced White List. Given I’ve not talked very much about the AOL EWL in the past, this is as good a time as any to talk about it. The AOL Enhanced Whitelist is for those senders that have very good practices. Senders on the EWL not only get their mail delivered to the inbox, but also have links and images enabled by default. Placement on...

Sending too much mail

Not having policies restricting the amount of mail any customer or recipient receives may lead to higher spam complaint rates and blocking warns the DMA Email Marketing Council.
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