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Yahoo and Goodmail

The industry has been abuzz the last few days with the news that of Feb 1, Yahoo will no longer be supporting Goodmail in their interface. I did get a chance to get a response from someone at Yahoo, but didn’t get a chance to talk to anyone from Goodmail. Look for a post next […]

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Protecting customer data

There have been a number of reports recently about customer lists leaking out through ESPs. In one case, the ESP attributed the leak to an outside hack. In other cases, the ESPs and companies involved have kept the information very quiet and not told anyone that data was leaked. People do notice, though, when they […]


Project Omnivore

Ben at Mailchimp has posted some information about Project Omnivore. This is a predictive system that not only predicts potential abuse, but can also be used to predict poor campaigns. Steve and I had a chance to see Omnivore in action when we were in Atlanta last fall, and were impressed by the accuracy for […]

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ESPs leaking email addresses

Two of my tagged email addresses started getting identical pharma spam over the weekend. It is annoying me because I am now getting spam in a mailbox that was previously spam free. The spam is overwhelming the real traffic and I am having to make some decisions about what to do with the email addresses […]


Spammers aren’t who you think they are

Shady direct marketers exploit CAN SPAM to continue spamming but protect themselves from the law. This is something I’ve been talking about for a while (TWSD), and it’s nice to see the mainstream press noticing the same thing. HT: Box of Meat

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It doesn’t matter what you say

“What should we tell the ISP?” is a frequent question from my customers. The answer is pretty simple. It doesn’t usually matter what you tell the ISP. What matters are your actions. If a sender is having delivery problems then the solution is not to call the ISP and talk to them about why the […]


Bad year coming for sloppy marketers

MediaPost had an article written by George Bilbrey talking about how 2010 could be a difficult year for marketers with marginal practices. George starts off the article by noticing that his contact at ISPs are talking up how legitimate companies with bad practices are causing them problems and are showing up on the radar. This […]


Mickey’s take on e360 settlement

Mickey has the full docs of the settlement, and talks about the implications of the confession of judgment.

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Comcast and e360 settle lawsuit

e360 initially filed suit against Comcast early in 2008. They asserted a number of things, including that Comcast was fraudulently returning “user unknown” notices and that they were certified by ReturnPath. Comcast filed a countersuit alleging violations of CAN SPAM, violations of the computer fraud and abuse act, as well as a number of other […]

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20M leads a month

Some back of the envelope calculations. 20M “opt-in” leads a month is roughly 650,000 leads a day. 650,000 leads a day is roughly 27,000 leads an hour. 27,000 leads an hour is 450 leads a minute. 450 leads per minute is one lead every 133 milliseconds. The total population of the US is roughly 300,000,000 […]

  • DNS problems

    Hurricane Electric had a significant outage of their authoritative DNS servers this morning, causing them to return valid responses with no results for all(?) queries. This will have caused delivery problems for any mail going to domains using DNS - which will include some of their colocation customers, as well as users of their free services - but also will have caused reverse DNS to fail for most servers hosted by Hurricane Electric worldwide, so if any of your mail is being sent from HE hosted machines you may have seen problems. (We're HE customers so we noticed. Still happy with them as a vendor.)No Comments

  • DNS issues

    If you're sending email from any address beginning with a 65 - in - it's possible you'll see some delivery problems. Something appears to be broken with dnssec signatures for the reverse DNS zone, leading queries for reverse DNS to fail for anyone using a dnssec aware DNS resolver (which is almost everyone).1 Comment

  • Our green bar certificate is going away

    Later today we'll be switching from an Extended Validation ("green bar") SSL certificate to a Domain Validation certificate. This isn't exactly a planned change but I'm waiting for responses from Comodo before I go into it too much. I'll share some more details next week.3 Comments